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Research projects, assignments, and conferences.


  • Co-supervisor: Hens, C., Gregory, A., Hastings, R., & Kovshoff, H. (2022). Quality of life, risks, and resilience in school-aged siblings of autistic children. 

  • Co-supervisor: Craig, . Gregory, A., Kovshoff, H., & Hastings, R. (2020). Exploring the school experiences of siblings of children with autism.

  • Empirical paper of thesis (published): Gregory, A., Hastings, R., & Kovshoff, H. (2020). The academic self-concept and sense of school belonging of siblings of children with autism.

  • Doctoral thesis: Gregory, A., Hastings, R., & Kovshoff, H. (2018). The school outcomes for, and experiences of, siblings of children with autism.

  • Doctoral small-scale research project: Gregory, A., Curreli, L., & Samos, N. (2016). The Pillars of Parenting intervention: Exploring adoptive parents' lives experiences

  • PGCE dissertation: Gregory, A. (2012). The impact of strategies to promote the self-esteem of a group of students with Special Educational Needs.

  • BSc Psychology dissertation: Gregory, A., Simpson, C., & Smith, L. (2011). An exploration of a new period of development, 'emerging adulthood', and conceptions of the transition to adulthood.

Academic Critiques

  • 2017: Research considerations when planning interventions for siblings of children with additional needs: An academic critique.

  • 2016: Mindfulness-based interventions in schools to promote emotional wellbeing: What is the evidence?

  • 2016: Putting the precision in teaching, but is it hitting the target?

  • 2015: The impact of poverty on cognitive abilities: How can EPs help narrow the income achievement gap?

Conferences & Lectures

  • 2023: The role of the Educational Psychologist - The University of Reading. 

  • 2018: University of Southampton post-graduate conference - thesis presentation.

  • 2018: Siblings Research Networking Event in London - doctoral research presentation.


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