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We collaborate with local EPs in joint working opportunities, such as to co-deliver training; facilitate person-centred planning meetings for children and young people or school teams; for link EP role opportunities; and for peer support, supervision, and continuing professional development (CPD) opportunities. 


Please see the local EPs we collaborate with below. 


Please get in contact if you are a local trauma-informed EP who would be interested in connecting.

Psychologist for Children
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Collaborating educational psychologists. 

Dr. Vari Waterman

Role: Child, Educational & Community Psychologist

Based: Seaford, East Sussex 

About: Vari has specialist interests in person-centred and solution-focused approaches, Video Interaction Guidance, non-violent resistance, and working with children looked after. 

Dr. Jerricah Holder

Role: Child & Educational Psychologist

Based: Worthing, West Sussex 

About: Jerricah has specialist interests in trauma and attachment, emotionally-based school avoidance, and support for children who present with harmful sexual behaviour. 


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