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"In all my 13 years of working here - this was the best meeting of my career. The parents have been so positive about it since!

Early Years Practitioner - PATH meeting

Link EP Work

"You are an excellent EP and a brilliant person; your input, advice and questioning has helped us to support a number of our most vulnerable children and make their lives a lot better. You have always been very student-focussed but with a real understanding of what can be realistically achieved in a secondary school environment - the reason why your advice has had such impact. I know that I can speak for my colleagues when I say that we have all learnt so much from you." 

SENCo - secondary school


"Thank you so much for yesterday, it was really informative and I know some teams are already making adjustments to their planning to give time for rhythm breaks! At this time of year, people can lose focus in the children's emotional and social needs, and expect too much from the children academically. This year, more than most, this just isn't possible for so many of our children and you have just given us the science behind what we know and preach!"

Deputy Head - NME Training


"I have thoroughly enjoyed my journey to become an ELSA and a huge part of that is how inspiring you have been. I have gained so much from my training and from the supervision sessions." 

ELSA - ELSA supervision



"This was without doubt the best conversation I have had with anyone in the last two years over the ongoing issues with my daughter. I felt listened to (I have spoken with quite a number of professionals who have already decided what you should do and what the problem is without actually listening) and not rushed, and completely understood. The resources were incredibly valuable and I had not been signposted to them previously. The lady I spoke to was amazing doing fantastic work in difficult circumstances. We are implementing the strategies and advice suggested and hope to see some improvements."

Telephone consultation

Training / workshops

“Your unique mixture of personal, professional and academic experience, combined with your compassion, honesty, humility and humour, led to a very informative, enlightening and helpful talk. I have thought about many of the different aspects you talked about and I genuinely feel better equipped to support my children.”

Siblings event

Children & Young People

EP assessment

"I found it good to say my view on things at school. I think you have got most things right about me. It is going to be helpful having a plan to help me."

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